LARRY WEANER LANDSCAPE ASSOCIATES (LWLA) is nationally recognized for combining environmental science with the rich artistic traditions of landscape design.

With over 30 years of experience on diverse projects throughout the eastern U.S., LWLA provides the design skills, installation know-how, and management expertise required to create landscapes that work.

For each project, LWLA assesses the site’s ecology to determine a plant palette that provides visually compelling compositions and meets the client’s functional needs. Designs are patterned after naturally occurring plant communities, with species selected for their functions as well as their ornamental qualities, resulting in dynamic, resilient landscapes that thrive with a minimum of care. LWLA has also pioneered procedures for encouraging the natural recruitment and proliferation of existing native vegetation.

Committed to expressing craft as well as place, built elements designed by LWLA, whether terraces, stonewalls, pergolas, garden sculptures, or site furniture, use locally sourced, regionally appropriate materials.

LWLA’s work has been widely recognized for excellence and innovation. From the design board to implementation and management, we combine thorough site analysis, creative and practical strategies maximizing natural processes, and a unique ability to integrate the poetic power of design with the workings of nature.