Larry Weaner and LWLA designer Jenna Webster contributed to the 44th volume of the Connecticut College Arboretum Bulletin series (June 2019).  Jenna wrote the introduction to the Bulletin and Larry’s article “Reflecting on New Directions in the American Landscape” explored existing and new directions for ecology-based design.

Select presenters from the 2019 New Directions in the American Landscape conference (founded by Larry Weaner) also contributed, including: Chad Adams of Ground Plan Studio, author and photographer Rick Darke, landscape architect and scholar Kofi Boone, and Thomas Woltz, Thomas Baker, and Jeffrey Longhenry of Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects.

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Cover image by Max Touhey of the Memorial Meadow in the Naval Cemetery Landscape in Brooklyn, NY.  Landscape architects: Nelson Byrd Woltz, meadow design: Larry Weaner Landscape Associates.