A 40-acre native meadow designed  and installed by LWLA will be featured as part of the summer tour series organized by the Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA).

Led by Larry Weaner, the tour will visit a 400-acre estate in Salisbury, CT where woodland wildflowers, shrub thickets, rock outcrop plantings, and forty acres of seeded native meadows represent a dynamic, robust, and ever changing landscape. Indulge in the beauty of the expansive native meadow at the height of its season and learn how over time the designed communities throughout the property have assumed lives of their own as planted species colonize outlying areas where invasive vegetation once dominated.

Register for the event (scheduled for Aug. 7, 2014, time TBD) at the ELA website.

See photos of the project and read a New York Times article by Anne Raver about the property.