Aton Forest_2012-09

Larry Weaner will lead a workshop at the historic Aton Forest, a 1,100 tract of land in Norfolk, CT assembled by Dr. Frank Egler as a Research Natural Area. Trained as an ecologist, Egler engaged in over fifty years of long-term studies of natural processes and published widely on vegetation change. 

This workshop explores how gardeners and land managers can work with naturally occurring vegetation and events to achieve a landscape that is sensually, intellectually, and emotionally satisfying. The workshop will feature discussion and demonstration in the field of ecologically-based naturalistic landscaping and its benefits. There will be information presented for both those familiar with this approach to the landscape and those new to it.

With an understanding of natural processes, participants will learn how to work with the land to develop an attractive and healthy landscape. Weather permitting, much of the workshop will be spent walking the woods and fields of Aton Forest observing managed and natural habitats. Time will be allotted to discuss participants’ land management questions.

To be held Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Workshop is limited to 15 participants. Advance registration and payment ($30) required. For more information contact Aton Forest, 860-542-5125.