Kingsland Wildflowers Greenroof

Located on the roof of Broadway Stages film studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Kingsland Wildflowers Greenroof brings a meadow and its associated ecological value to one of the most industrial areas of New York City. This area was the victim of a massive oil-spill in 1978, the clean-up of which is still unfinished. Projects like this are part of a grant-funded effort to use habitat creation to offset some of the degradation.

Here a greenroof meadow comprised of native live plants was over-seeded with a matrix of native annual species to create a rich composition of blooms and seed heads for urban pollinators and birds, as well as a unique and beautiful landscape for human visitors to enjoy.


Project Completion: 2017

Collaboration:  Alive Structures (Greenroof Specialists)

Featured:  New York Times (2019), Atlas Obscura (July 2018), and Brooklyn Eagle (June 2018)

Research: Ongoing Bird and Bat Research by the New York City Audubon Society