Laurita Winery | New Egypt, NJ

Ecological enhancements are a central part of attracting visitors to this 250-acre New Jersey-based winery. Guests seeking an evocative, inspiring landscape find it in the planted meadows rich with wildlife and the woodland walking trails arranged on interpretative themes. The three-acre irrigation pond, sited amidst designed grasslands and shrublands, is a special scenic destination featuring a historic corn crib adapted as a viewing station. Colorful native vegetation in the parking area’s stormwater infiltration basins further communicates the Winery’s commitment to environmentally sensitive land stewardship.

This project included a natural areas brochure with text developed by LWLA.

Project Credits: Kristofer Sperry Architects (architects); Aquascapes Designs, Inc. (pond contractor); Laurita Winery (brochure design).