Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation| Culpeper, VA

As a consultant to SWA Group, the lead designers for this Library of Congress facility, LWLA helped formulate specifications for reforestation areas as well as approximately 30 acres of native meadows, including two-acres on a five acre green roof. LWLA also educated and coordinated contractors and other design personnel to ensure that natural areas were implemented effectively, establishing with a minimum of effort. As these created natural areas have matured, the site’s massive concrete building (a former bunker) now sits more gently in the landscape, almost seeming to fade into the surrounding rolling Virginia countryside.

Profiled in Landscape Architecture Magazine (September 2010).

Project Credits: SWA Group (landscape architects), Smith Group and Bar Architects (architects), Emory Knoll Farms (green roof consultants), Wiles Mensch (civil engineer),DPR (general contractor), Outside Unlimited (landscape contractor).