Salisbury, CT

On this 400-acre estate, woodland wildflowers, shrub thickets, rock outcrop plantings, and forty acres of seeded native meadows represent a dynamic mosaic, ecologically robust and rich in beauty. Over time, these designed communities have assumed lives of their own as planted species colonize outlying areas where invasive vegetation once dominated. (Click for more on this estate.)

This property received the Place Maker Award from the Foundation for Landscape Studies (2011) and is included in the Smithsonian Institution’s Archives of American Gardens. The meadows were featured in the Landscape Architecture Magazine (Dec. 2014), the Ecological Landscape Alliance summer tour series (2014), Cultural Landscape Foundation’s Garden Dialogues Tour Series (2012), The Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Program (2009), Wildflower Magazine (2009), and The New York Times (2008). The property is also a participating site in an ongoing insect diversity study conducted by the Farmscape Ecology Program.