Saucon Valley, PA

Thirty acres of majestic native meadows unfold across this estate formerly home to a founding family of Bethlehem Steel. Over time, colorful meadow plants have seeded into more formally arranged native gardens, merging so naturally that they seem part of the original master plan. Increased bird counts in the region have also been attributed to these meadows, demonstrating that beauty and environmental enhancements need not be mutually exclusive. (Click for more on this estate.)

Featured in Private Edens (Jack Straub, 2013), Garden Design Magazine (2011), Landscape Management (2008), and Nature’s Garden (2007). Received the Landscape Design Honor Award from the Perennial Plant Association (2008) and the Gold Award, Best in Show Award, and Monrovia® Distinctly Better Plant Design Award from the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (2008). Study site for Burghardt, Tallamy, & Shriver, “Impact of Native Plants on Bird and Butterfly Biodiversity in Suburban Landscapes,” Conservation Biology, 2008, vol. 23, no. 1.