In preparation for seeding, Penn Marchael, our fearless Project Manager, recently burned a field near Lake Placid, New York. The field was thickly thatched, and the low-intensity burn helped to burn off the heavy thatch cover. Penn reported having great time, and in the process of traversing the field to monitor the burn, he walked 16 miles! We look forward to seeing how the meadow develops in response to these site preparation techniques and possibly using this method more in the future.

Here are some more photos from Penn’s fun day.



The smoke against the trees and distant hills made for a mystical effect. Native Americans burned for specific landscape management purposes but perhaps they enjoyed this temporary visual effect as well.



Penn would have been remiss if he hadn’t shot a “burning selfie”–in this case in front of the one instant when the flames jumped off the ground around some taller residual growth.